Process and Art

The Procuniar Workshop is a studio specializing in the production of prints and works on paper. Process is an integral part of the working environment. Bridging the speed of painting and the slowness of sculptural mediums, Printmaking encompasses both a dimensionality and a flatness and a history that, in its hidden form, almost requires an education in technique in order to fully understand the conceptual framework of a printed work of art.

At the Procuniar Workshop, we strive to achieve works in which all of history and education are integrated with technical form and that, at its core, does not deny a full involvement with life lived to the fullest.

We use traditional printmaking techniques such as lithography, intaglio, etching, mezzotint, screenprinting, engraving, oil based woodcut, water based ukio-e woodcut, linoleum, carborundum, monoprint, monotype, and others as well as participating in emerging digital technologies. However, our primary "technique" has nothing to do with any of these. If you dont know what we are talking about, drop us a line and ask.

Please bear with us as we slowly put together our database of process and technique references.