History of Procuniar Workshop

Established in 1970 by Stephen Procuniar, the New York based Procuniar Workshop collaborates with a variety of contemporary artists to create unique and editioned works on paper as well as a steady output of prints, painting, sculpture, and photography, specializing in the production of prints and works on paper.

We work with a small circle of artists to develop ongoing projects in a variety of media. Our shop functions as a research facility where the wide spectrum of contemporary art is explored through the lens of printmaking.

Our current roster includes: Louise Bourgeois, Susannah Slocum, Jane Dickson, Melvin Edwards, Leon Golub, Richard Hunt, Kjell Otterness, Nancy Spero, Lester Johnson, Richard Kostelanetz, David Procuniar, and Stephen Procuniar.

We are currently in the process of converting all our information into digital form. This includes Articles, Curriculum Vitaes, Images, News, and more.

Numerous institutions have acquired our works, such as The Museum of Modern Art New York, The Kunstmuseum Bern, The Baltimore Museum of Art, The Fogg Art Museum of the Harvard University Art Museums, The Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, The Museum of Fine Arts Boston, The Neuberger Museum of Art at the State University of New York at Purchase, and The New York Public Library.

The Procuniar Workshop is a studio specializing in the production of prints and works on paper. Process is an integral part of the working environment. Bridging the speed of painting and the slowness of sculptural mediums, Printmaking encompasses both a dimensionality and a flatness and a history that, in its hidden form, almost requires an education in technique in order to fully understand the conceptual framework of a printed work of art.

At the Procuniar Workshop, we strive to achieve works in which all of history and education are integrated with technical form and that, at its core, does not deny a full involvement with life lived to the fullest.

We use traditional printmaking techniques such as lithography, intaglio, etching, mezzotint, screenprinting, engraving, oil based woodcut, water based ukio-e woodcut, linoleum, carborundum, monoprint, monotype, and others as well as participating in emerging digital technologies.